Granny Rosie's Farm

About Us

Granny Rosie's Farm is a Dublin open farm that sells both organic and locally produced fruit and veg directly from our fields to your plate. Although we are not certified organic, all our seed and fertiliser that we use to grow our vegetables at the farm is certified organic.

We embrace an organic, natural and local philosophy at Granny Rosie's Farm. Everything we provide in our vegetable boxes is grown here on our Dublin farm or sourced from the local area.

Our passion for real food and a firm belief that Irish produce is the best in the world informs everything we do. Our farming methods eschew the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals and instead concentrates on growing vegetables the way nature intended.

The fresh vegetables in our vegetable box are bursting with flavour. From our kitchens, we provide simple to follow recipes that make sure anyone can take full advantage of our vegetable boxes.

We’re always keen to share our passion for Irish food and a natural lifestyle with the local community, which is why our open farm welcomes families from all over Ireland and abroad.

Our open farm visits are the perfect day out for the whole family and visitors leave with a greater appreciation of how the food they eat gets to their plate.

By embracing a holistic mind and body approach to health, Granny Rosie's Farm is proud to offer the best Irish produce to food lovers nationwide.

A Short History

“Shortly after our first born in 2008 Suzanne and I moved into a lovely cottage on the outskirts of Skerries, Co. Dublin overlooking the sea, on 1/2 an acre. The previous occupant Harry Coleman, and his ancestor family were keen and avid market gardeners for many years. This along with the 'new-parent' ideal of wanting everything to be right for our growing family, we decided to dabble in some market gardening of our own, initially with growing lettuce, beetroot, courgettes and potatoes in raised beds, we then ventured a little further and purchased our first polytunnel.

After 1 or 2 successful seasons growing our own veg, we decided to up the challenge and started rearing our own pigs, hens and turkeys. Now we were proper farmers 🙂

We were really surprised with the burst of flavours we were getting, not only from our vegetables and salads but also from our home-reared meat. Unbeknown to us at the time, the education our children were getting was a fantastic insight into sustainability and led them to learn much more about where food comes from, how easy it can be to grow and encouraged them to taste new varieties of vegetables that they had grown themselves.

It hasn’t been plain sailing all the way with several sticky moments, one particular time I was cleaning the chicken coop and half way through I realised that my wedding ring had come off……. (not good in sooooo many different ways) firstly I knew it was in the coop but where was the issue… I had to go through everything with my fingers to find it! Thankfully I did!

Other times we stopped traffic with one of our pigs escaping from the pen and making their way onto the Skerries to Rush Road which was all kinds of wonderful with me shaking a bucket of pig food to encourage the pig off the road and back to the pen – needless to say the passing traffic/onlookers had a good laugh!!


Every Christmas we had a great sense of achievement as we’d sit down to our own bronze turkey and baked ham – mmm delicious! There have also been a number of ‘big’ birthdays where we invited one of our pigs to participate by stealing the show on the spit – needless to say everyone had a ‘crackling’ good time!

Part of our experience to date has seen us make sausages, pudding, brawn, pates and even our own Parma ham. After receiving numerous compliments from friends and family who received similar ‘home-made’ gifts, pates, terrines, sausages etc. we decided that maybe it is time to scale up a little and see if we could live The Good Life! (for those born after 1990 The Good Life was a farm-based comedy on BBC!)


In early 2020 we moved our little business to a 10-acre site in Ballykea, Loughshinny/Skerries where we have launched Granny Rosie’s Farm – Rosie being named after Rosemary, my wife’s mother. On July 4th 2020 we opened our Farm Shop doors to the public and have received overwhelming support from locals, friends, neighbours, family and people in the locality which we are very grateful for.

We currently have a small working farm with some animals and are continuing to grow and supply a selection of vegetables from our farm shop. We hope to launch more artisan products in the coming months and years under the Granny Rosie’s brand. Granny Rosie’s is all about producing good wholesome tasty honest food, just like Granny used to make!”


- Matt Davis

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